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In 2016 YFCC continued to provide support to young people and their families. In addition to the supporting our local communities around North West Tasmania YFCC also expended its area of service delivery, providing support and care to clients in King Island and the West Coast of Tasmania.These serv..Read more ices ranged included, but were not limited to, crisis accommodation, drug & alcohol counselling and family support.For more information on the work performed by YFCC, and the outcomes generated, please see the 2016 YFCC Annual Report located on our website (http://www.yfcc.com.au) Show less
Name Youth, Family and Community Connections Inc
ABN 87339807873
Date Established 01/01/1981
Main Activity Social services
Other Beneficiaries Families
our deductible gift recipient funds Not provided
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The organisation measures its impact.
The organisation has said, “We collect data to be able to measure our impact. This is done through independent evaluation, involving clients and other stakeholders. In addition we also measure client outcomes across a number of social determinants"
The organisation believes their board is diverse.
Our Board has a diverse range of qualifications, skills and experience. They live locally and represent rural and regional communities across the North West Coast of Tasmania. The Board is committed to gender and age diversity, its current Membership including 40% female Directors and a young person (consumer representative).
The organisation holds annual general meetings.
Office holders are appointed for set terms.
Boards and governing councils should meet regularly, at least quarterly. The organsiations board and governing councils meet regularly.
The board or councilors delegate authority where appropriate.
Sub committees meet regularly, at a minimum 2+ times per annum.
The organisation believes the current activities are in line with their stated purpose.
The organisation has accurately presented its purpose to the regulator.
The board or councilors review the make-up of the board or council, and actively ensure a broad range of skills are represented.
The board or council review the sub committees make up, and actively ensure appropriate skills are represented.
This organisation is formed under corporate or trust law.
This organisation reports on a standalone basis to the regulator.
The organisation uses social media.
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Government Funding Use

Private donations are always used to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for our clients and communities.

Diversity Statement

This organisation has not provided diversity statement.

Impact Statement

This organisation has not provided an impact statement.

Donation Impact Statement

We receive government funding which enable us to deliver community based services for young people, individuals and families in the North West, West Coast and King Island regions of Tasmania
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Our Responsible Persons and Directors

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