Our purpose

Operates a Children's hospice and family support counselling to support families with children with life threatening conditions
Name Very Special Kids
ABN 86109832091
Date Established 01/01/1985
Main Activity Other health service delivery
Other Beneficiaries Children - aged 6 to under 15
our deductible gift recipient funds Not provided
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The organisation believes the current activities are in line with their stated purpose.
The organisation has accurately presented its purpose to the regulator.
The organisation believes their board is diverse.
We have Board members with finance, legal, medical and social worker backgrounds
The organisation holds annual general meetings.
The organisation has either not disclosed or does not have set periods for their office holders.
Boards and governing councils should meet regularly, at least quarterly. The organsiations board and governing councils meet regularly.
The board or councilors delegate authority where appropriate.
Sub committees meet regularly, at a minimum 2+ times per annum.
The organisation measures its impact.
The organisation has said, “Through an annual survey that's sent to parents, nurses and doctors in the hospice and a range of external key stakeholders. We're also currently working with the Incus Group who's doing a pro bono project to assist us with a framework we can use to measure our Social Impact."
The board or councilors review the make-up of the board or council, and actively ensure a broad range of skills are represented.
The board or council review the sub committees make up, and actively ensure appropriate skills are represented.
This organisation is formed under corporate or trust law.
This organisation reports on a standalone basis to the regulator.
The organisation uses social media.
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Government Funding Use

To fund core programs and services

Diversity Statement

This organisation has not provided diversity statement.

Impact Statement

This organisation has not provided an impact statement.

Donation Impact Statement

To fund core and new programs and services. An additional $10,000 would mean we could increase the hours of our physio who works with the children in our hospice to do the following: • Neurodevelopmental treatment Appropriate positioning for comfort and to prevent further deformity, strengthening, stretching, balance and mobility. • Respiratory treatment Providing monitoring and intensive physiotherapy treatment for children with respiratory needs. A significant proportion of the children who stay at the hospice have compromised respiratory systems and as such are at significant risk of respiratory complications. Our children are some of the most unwell and medically unstable children in Victoria and they can also deteriorate rapidly unless they have appropriate respiratory treatment whenever it is required. Physiotherapists have specific training and skills in assessing respiratory symptoms and treatment techniques. • Collaboration with art therapist and music therapist Combined sessions enable the children to have enriched experiences, at times enabling them to work on balance or mobility while engaging in an art activity or in conjunction with music. This improves participation in activities, enhances enjoyment and engagement. Passive physiotherapy treatments such as respiratory techniques or massage become more enjoyable for a child when combined with music. This holistic, collaborative approach is so beneficial for the children. • Monitoring of equipment Monitoring hospice equipment and each child’s customised equipment including splints, wheelchairs, specialised seating, standing frames and walking frames to ensure correct fit and usage. There is an ever increasing range of equipment required for these children with complex fitting and adjustment often required. Extensive up to date knowledge of a wide range of equipment is essential.
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Our Responsible Persons and Directors

This organisation has not provided Responsible Persons and Directors..