Our purpose

To enable vulnerable young people and families to navigate life challenges and thrive in the community.
Name Brisbane Youth Service Inc
ABN 83967756338
Date Established 01/01/1976
Main Activity Social services
Other Beneficiaries Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
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The organisation believes its activities support its stated purpose.
The organisation has presented its purpose to the regulator.
The organisation believes their board is diverse.
BYS is governed by a Board of volunteer community members who provide strategic direction and guidance to ensure BYS delivers high quality services to young people. We value diversity of gender and of skills which is reflected in the composition of our Board. The Board provides BYS with specialist knowledge in organisational development, industrial relations, the human services sector, finance, accounting, law, governance, government procurement and health policy, process optimisation, strategy and change management, and all have a passion for being involved with organisations that make a positive difference to the community they serve. The Board meets monthly and holds strategy days biannually. Annual reports including audited financial statements are available on the organisations website.
The organisation holds annual general meetings.
The organisation has either not disclosed or does not have set periods for their office holders.
Boards and governing councils should meet regularly, at least quarterly. The organisations board and governing councils meet regularly.
The board or councillors delegate authority where appropriate.
Sub committees meet regularly, at a minimum 2+ times per annum.
The organisation measures its impact.
The organisation has said, “Brisbane Youth Service is a specialist service for young people and a respected leader in the community services industry. Through its research and evaluation activities BYS builds knowledge to improve outcomes for young people and raise awareness of issues impacting vulnerable young people in our community."
The board or councillors review the make-up of the board or council, and actively ensure a broad range of skills are represented.
The board or council review the sub committees make up, and actively ensure appropriate skills are represented.
This organisation is formed under corporate or trust law.
This organisation reports on a standalone basis to the regulator.
The organisation uses social media.
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Government Funding Use

BYS provides housing, physical and mental health services and specialist programs for young women and young families, to assist young people to overcome challenges and achieve their life goals.

Diversity Statement

BYS aims to provide accessible and equitable services to young people aged between 12 – 25 who are homeless and / or disadvantaged. These young people include those who experience, or who are at risk of experiencing issues such homelessness, poverty, social isolation, education exclusion, high risk taking behaviours, poor physical or mental health. Within this target group BYS does not discriminate against any person because of gender, sexuality, disability, country of birth, language, race, creed, religion, culture or other background. BYS recognises the importance of being flexible in the delivery of services but where a service cannot be provided, will refer a young person to another appropriate service provider. BYS aims to identify and reduce barriers that prevent young people from accessing BYS services and put in place strategies that make access to services and activities more available. As an organisation that works with young people who are socially and economically disadvantaged, every effort is made to support individuals in a socially just manner, ensuring that people’s human rights and dignity are upheld at all times. BYS ensures services are accessible to a wide range of young people from varying backgrounds who have a range of needs and abilities irrespective of their ethnicity, language, culture, religion, gender, sexuality or ability. Brisbane Youth Service is focused on creating a culture where diversity of staff and clients is embraced and individual difference is understood, respected and valued. Discrimination, harassment, mistreatment or disrespect is not tolerated at any level of the organisation. We meet this commitment to embracing diversity by developing, implementing and evaluating the appropriate protocols and procedures for inclusivity in employment and service delivery.
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Impact Statement

After accessing support, even briefly, from BYS, life improves for most young people. BYS outcomes for young people in 2017/18 include: • 71% reduction in homelessness • 92% reduction in young people sleeping rough • 70% report improved mental health • 71% reduction in exposure to family / relationship violence • 80% reduction in number of young people with no income • Rate of employment increased from one in 25 to one in 5 • 65% report improved physical health • 62% reduction in crisis / serious parenting concerns • 58% reduction in serious legal issues
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Donation Impact Statement

Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) was founded in 1977 in response to the growing issue of youth homelessness. BYS provides a comprehensive range of free services for vulnerable young people and their accompanying children aged 12-25 experiencing homelessness and disadvantage. We use a client-centred, strengths-based approach when working with young people, placing the young person at the centre of our work. We help each young person identify and achieve their goals. We rely on corporate and community support to bridge the gap between government funding and delivering on our promise to support new futures for vulnerable young people. Our current focus for FY1819 is on funding for a Domestic and Family Violence Support Worker to support those who have experienced domestic and family violence and implement an education program for young people to provide information around positive relationships. We are also seeking funds for a Family Connect Worker this year. With clear evidence emerging that re-engagement with family provides a strong pattern of positive outcomes for young people who are homeless, BYS has committed to developing family engagement support services. Other areas donor funds support include: housing set up funds for furniture, crockery and linen; education and training funds to skill young people towards a financially independent future; and connect with life funds to support social integration and connection programs and activities. With a team dedicated to partners and donors we welcome opportunities to collaborate through partnerships, events, and awareness campaigns. We are extremely appreciative of the individuals, groups and organisations who support us to create new futures for young people.
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Our Responsible Persons and Directors

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