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Refer to our Annual Report on our website for full details.Since Starfish's inception, we have led or supported 131 sustainability initiatives involving 590 partner organisations, 159 funders, 297 contractors, 1,105 volunteers and 11,861 participants.As at today, the combined supporter base for all ..Read more of our sustainability initiatives is more than 5,600 people.The diversity and reach of our sustainability work has similarly grown ~ with operations in Australia, China, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, and Vietnam plus a diverse portfolio of work encompassing renewable energy, regenerative farming, reconciliation, social housing, disability, natural funerals, youth development, leadership, goverce and more.Starfish is well placed for the commencement of its new strategic plan and to continue to implement this range of rural sustainability initiatives as well as further expand the reach and impact of its work by utilising its comprehensive system of supporting systems, services, and susta Show less
Name Starfish Enterprises Network Limited
ABN 26150552962
Date Established Not provided
Main Activity Environmental activities
Other Beneficiaries Not provided
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where we operate CHN,ETH,IDN,KEN,NFK,PER,VNM

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The organisation holds annual general meetings.
Office holders are appointed for set terms.
Boards and governing councils should meet regularly, at least quarterly. The organsiations board and governing councils meet regularly.
The board or councilors delegate authority where appropriate.
Sub committees meet regularly, at a minimum 2+ times per annum.
The organisation believes the current activities are in line with their stated purpose.
The organisation has accurately presented its purpose to the regulator.
The board or councilors review the make-up of the board or council, and actively ensure a broad range of skills are represented.
The board or council review the sub committees make up, and actively ensure appropriate skills are represented.
This organisation is formed under corporate or trust law.
This organisation reports on a consolidated basis.
The organisation uses social media.
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Government Funding Use

Right now, we'd apply it to our community solar energy work. It is going off.

Diversity Statement

The organisation believes their board is diverse. Starfish's Board is recruited to address a diverse range of requirements taking into account professional sustainability experience, expertise and networks as well as demographic diversity age, sex, gender and culture.

Impact Statement

The organisation measures its impact. The organisation has said, “All of Starfish's sustainability initiatives have defined performance measures which are tracked and reported upon."
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Donation Impact Statement

Starfish currently has no funding from Australian governments.
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Our Responsible Persons and Directors

Adam Blakester - Executive Director, Public Officer