Our purpose

Provided early intervention services to young children between the ages of 2 and a half to 6 years old
Name Aeiou Foundation
ABN 19135897255
Date Established 01/01/2009
Main Activity Other education
Other Beneficiaries Early childhood - aged under 6
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The organisation holds annual general meetings.

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The board or councillors delegate authority where appropriate.

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This organisation reports on a standalone basis to the regulator.

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Government Funding Use

To provide early intervention services to children with autism

Diversity Statement

The organisation believes their board is diverse. The diversity of AEIOU’s Board of directors is a result of targeted recruitment to ensure a versatile and robust matrix of skills is represented. AEIOU’s Board embodies a broad skill set including government relations, disability services, legal, financial, communications, governance & risk, business economics, human resources, change management and client relations. AEIOU also values gender equity which is reflected in the composition of our Board.

Impact Statement

The organisation measures its impact. The organisation has said, “AEIOU facilitates highly individualised learning goals. All children are assessed at intake to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to identify and achieve specific behavioural and social outcomes. Formal assessment is undertaken at the end of a child’s first year. A final assessment is undertaken when the child transitions from the AEIOU program. Through this IEP evaluation process all expected outcomes are measured and reported. Informal assessments are also conducted throughout the year by our trans-disciplinary team of professionals including behaviour analysts, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, teachers and learning facilitators who are all autism trained. These informal assessments including analysis of individual data collected on a daily basis and discussions with parents allows AEIOU in conjunction with individual families to identify areas of focus as well as mastery of goals. Expected individual achievements include 1) Children are connected with and contribute to their world – they become aware of fairness, diversity and become more socially responsible for themselves and their belongings. 2) Children become confident and involved learners – developing a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, enquiry, experimentation and investigation. They develop a positive attitude towards learning, which then continues as they transition to their next learning environment. The overall outcomes and long term impacts that we see from participation in the AEIOU program include: 1) Over 90% develop functional communication skills 2) 70% of children transition to mainstream schooling"
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Donation Impact Statement

AEIOU is a leading provider of full-time early intervention education and therapy support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), aged between two and six years. Established in 2005, and operating from nine locations across Queensland and one centre in Adelaide, AEIOU supports over 250 pre-school aged children with an autism diagnosis each year. The immediate benefits of early intervention are felt by the students, their families and support networks. The ongoing benefits are felt by the wider community, mainstream schools and other education facilities. All donations received by AEIOU benefit the children in our service through the provision of learning resources and tools to enable children to develop lifelong communication, self-help and social skills. One of the many ways your donation supports children at AEIOU is through the iPads for learning program. This initiative has been designed and integrated into the existing early intervention program and is reliant on the ability to provide current technology, which is a significant financial commitment for the AEIOU Foundation. iPads are a valuable resource for developing communication, social and fine motor skills for our students. They’re a rewarding and engaging tool, also supporting learning and development goals. Apps like ProLoQuo help non-verbal children request items, ask questions, learn to develop sentences, and more. When used in group educational settings iPads promote social interactions and classroom skills - encouraging turn taking, waiting and shared play experiences. There is also a highly tangible ongoing requirement for teaching aids, resources and equipment to engage children with craft and play to develop the important skills of creativity and imagination. AEIOU welcomes the opportunity to work individually with donors and partners to explore opportunities to fund specific projects such as playground upgrades and capital works to expand our services throughout Australia to provide life changing early intervention to even more children in need of these supports.
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Our Responsible Persons and Directors

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Deverson Benjamin -

Rowbotham Beverley -

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