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In 2016 Outer Urban Projects:-Engaged 116 young people from low socio-economic, culturally diverse backgrounds through the supported free weekly performing arts tutorials for a total of 33,599 hours of participant engagement. More than 95% of participants come from culturally diverse backgrounds. 16..Read more % have a cognitive or physical disability. -Delivered 307 free performing arts workshops for young people across 7 community locations across the outer north of Melbourne including secondary schools, community houses and youth services venues.-Increased levels of participant support with an Outer Urban Projects CCD Worker now attached to every free tutorial session to support participants and their families to access the program.-Providing transport support to more than half of the tutorial participants to ensure they can remain engaged with the free tutorial program.-Provided 106 training and development opportunities to emerging artists internally and with partner organisations. This inc Show less
Name Outer Urban Projects Limited
ABN 11154257851
Date Established 01/01/2011
Main Activity Culture and arts
Other Beneficiaries Children - aged 6 to under 15
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The organisation measures its impact.
The organisation has said, “currently working with RMIT on a project to evaluate and measure impact especially around our social enterprise."
The organisation believes their board is diverse.
range of ages, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, skills and experiences.
The organisation holds annual general meetings.
Office holders are appointed for set terms.
Boards and governing councils should meet regularly, at least quarterly. The organsiations board and governing councils meet regularly.
The board or councilors delegate authority where appropriate.
Sub committees meet regularly, at a minimum 2+ times per annum.
The organisation believes the current activities are in line with their stated purpose.
The organisation has accurately presented its purpose to the regulator.
The board or councilors review the make-up of the board or council, and actively ensure a broad range of skills are represented.
The board or council review the sub committees make up, and actively ensure appropriate skills are represented.
This organisation is formed under corporate or trust law.
This organisation reports on a standalone basis to the regulator.
The organisation uses social media.
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Government Funding Use

Development of theatrical arts performances, workshops and support for emerging artists.

Diversity Statement

Range of ages, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, skills and experiences.

Impact Statement

Currently working with RMIT on a project to evaluate and measure impact especially around our social enterprise.
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Donation Impact Statement

Private donations would support our associate artists, enabling them to participate on productions and receiving appropriate financial recompense. Our Associate Artists are on their way to professional careers as independent freelance artists and working with us is a way of developing their skills.
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